[SOLVED] Can access Hassio on Samba only on one Win PC out of three

Hi there!

I have 3 windows PCs in the house. I am trying to access Hassio via Samba and I can see the HA Hassio network icon on only one windows PC which is my girldfriend’s. The other 2 windows PCs can not see the icon of Hassio. All 3 PCs see each other and for sure all of them are on the same workgroup (named WORKGROUP)

Any ideas on what to do on the other PCs so I can see my files on Hassio via Samba?

Thank you so much!

You shouldn’t rely on the “network” icon.

just open a file explorer and go to \\ipofhassio\

Thank you so much for looking into this, flamingm0e

It worked!!!

Any ideas what I could do to have the icon visible? Just in case…

For anyone having the same problem in the future, be advised that the \\ are important. Otherwise it takes you to the default internet browser.

No. It’s a Windows thing. I learned a long time ago not to rely on anything showing up in the network section.

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