(SOLVED) Cannot add Eltako EUD62NPN-IPM


I have been trying to add a new module I received :

Eltako EUD62NPN-IPM/110-240V

It’s a light dimmer.

When comissionning the device fails at the last step (after connectivity check).

I have tried to reset it with no lucks.

I also tried with the android popup (when a new matter devices is discovered), it’s possible to add it to HA, I can see that my phone transmit the credentials and all, but it fails when adding the device to HA at the screen below :

I know my thread network works fine because I have Eve and sonoff devices connected over Matter.

Does anyone have a work around ?


I have found a sort of solution.

I was using the Home Assistant SkyConnect.

I then used a Sonoff ZBDongle-E flashed with firmware (thread) (460800)

I then reinstalled averything from a fresh backup and voila it is connecting.

In conclusion : I will not use NabuCasa Skyconnect.