[solved] Can't Upload Backup


i have a Home Assistant installation in a Virtual Mashine that is connected via VPN to my home network.
Now i want to move this to a local RaspberryPi but after flashing the Image to the SD card i can’t upload the Backup from my other installation all i get is 400 Bad Request.

I also tried to upload the backups via samba but Home Assistant will not recognize the Backups i have.

perhaps someone has an idea to solve this

best regards

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for other people with the same issue: i updated the supervisor to 2022.06.2 over the beta-channel and now i can upload my backups and restored it successful

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My problem was a corrupted backup file that I downloaded via the web GUI using Firefox. It happened a few times that the download failed and I was silly enough to trust it when it was completed.

Downloading via Samba was the solution for me.