SOLVED: Captive portal connection problems

Hi all,

I have a few UP-111 smart plugs that have been flashed with ESPHome and all were working just fine until I changed my router and didn’t re-flash the devices with the new access point config (I hadn’t been using them).

I’m now trying to get them back up and running again with the new access point but I can’t get the captive portal to load for any of the plugs. I can authenticate against the built-in AP just fine, but I don’t get the captive portal auto-loading and I can’t browse to when connected to the device as the manual suggests.

Also if I try browsing directly to the IP of the device I just get a “Connection Refused” error back.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can try?


Is there any sort of console or shell running on the devices? Can I get to the config any other way other than the web interface?

Well don’t I feel like an idiot… I’d added the “ap:” section with an SSID and password, but hadn’t actually added the “captive_portal:” entry… crap.

Unfortunately I now think I’m going to have to just throw these plugs away and buy replacements as I don’t believe you can actually open them in a non-destructive way :frowning:

I’ve just had another brainwave! I have a tiny little TPLink wireless bridge device that I could power up with the SSID and password of my old router to get access to the devices again! All is not lost…