[SOLVED] Chrome Cast not recognized by Home Assistant

Hi, I’m newbie here and trying to start with Home assistant.
I Have a problem with my Google devices (Chrome Cast and Goggle Home Mini)… They aren’t recognized by Home assistant.
They work fine “outside” HA
Mi installation is based in HAssOS (V. 4.11) running on a VM Virtualbox machine. I have last Home Assistant version installed (V. 0.112.3)
I didn’t update anything from last December and Chrome Cast and Google Home Mini was recognized and working fine… But Once i upgraded system to the last HassOS and last HA, they aren’t recognized by the system…
I Deleted the integration and try to create again the “Google Cast” Integration, but always receive the same error: “Any Google devices found on network”.
I Have a home network, so all my devices are at the same subnet.
As i said before, all my google devices works fine from Google Assistant and Google Home Apps.
Unfortunately i didn’t make a Backup of my “old configuration” so i can’t restore it.
Any ideas to test?
Thank You!

Sorry, for some reason my Windows10 switch my WiFi properties from “Private” to “Public” and then Home Assistant didn’t see any Google Cast devices. Once i switch again to “Private”, ChromeCast and Google Home Mini was working again inside Home Assistant. Thanks.