[Solved] Clock Widget - format date as dd/mm/yy?


I have my main dashboard showing the clock widget but the date is 11/27/2017, is there a way to change this to 27/11/2017 (UK format)? I run this on a Pi3 with Hassbian. Not sure if the formatting is a Raspbian issue or HADashboard.

    widget_type: clock
    widget_style: "font-size: 200%"
    time_format: 24hr
    show_seconds: 1
    date_style: "color: white"
    time_style: "color: white"

NOTE: The widget works fine, I just can’t seem to get the indents to paste correct on the forum.



the date format has to do with your local date format.
so its how its setup on your RPI.
so you need to change your RPI settings.

to get the indention correct you need to use ` (on querty keyboards left from key 1) 3 times on an empty line, before and after your code


Thanks for the answers, I spent ages on my RPI changing the locale settings but got nowhere.

Luckily I tried to log on from work yesterday and noticed the date showed correctly, turns out that the language in my chrome was set to “English” and needed to be set to “English UK”. I’ve used chrome for years and never even knew this could be set, I would have thought it would use the system language.

It’s always the simplest things.


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Paste text as it comes, then select it and click the </> button in the toolbar above where your typing.

Thanks Bobby_Nobble that works great, I corrected my paste above:)

the way i described is more general.
on github or discord you can use that also and there is no such button :wink: