[SOLVED] Create custom wake word with non-English model

Hello everyone,

I’ve just set up the pipeline with assist, and everything is working correctly with Home Assistant Cloud, using one of the default wake words, in my case, “Ok Nabu.” I tried to create my own wake word following this guide: “Create your own wake word - Home Assistant” but I’m facing an issue. I’m attempting to configure “Alfred” as the wake word, but the TensorFlow engine in the guide uses the model “en_US-libritts_r-medium.pt,” which has an American pronunciation. I am Italian, and my pronunciation doesn’t work well with it. I’ve tried changing the letters of the word or using underscores, but I can’t get a working result. Does anyone know of another way to create the .tflite file using a non-English model? Thank you very much.

“For all those who have my problem, I solved it this way: I installed the Snowboy addon on Home Assistant, then on this website ‘https://snowboy.jolanrensen.nl/’ I registered my model (it doesn’t matter in which language, it should work regardless) and saved the .pmdl file in the ‘share/snowboy’ folder on the Raspberry Pi. After that, I selected Snowboy as the wake word in the Home Assistant pipeline and chose my model.”

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