Solved - Difficulty with Certificate? Problems accessing via Web Browser and iOS app

Looking for guidance as to how to get my historically normal access techniques to work again:


  • Not able to connect normally using a web browser
  • Not able to connect using iOS app
  • I am able To Connect using PuTTY to SSH of the Raspberry Pi
  • I am able to use Chrome Incognito mode to “insecurely” connect.

Troubleshooting and Info:

    Shows Home Assistant Image and says Unable to connect to Home Assistant. Retry.
    The retry results in This site can’t be reached. ERR_FAILED
  2. iOS Home Assistant Companion
    Scanning your network. Found 1 Home Assistant on your network
    Gives Name
    When I select it, it results in
    Uh Oh! We encountered an error while connecting to your instance. Your SSL certificate is untrusted…
  3. Checked My Public IPv4. Compared with Duck DNS. All good.
  4. Checked Port Forwarding on Router
    Port From: 843 Port To: port 8123
    Good there too
  5. Chrome, incognito mode.
    Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
    Click on Advanced and go to site regardless of warnings
    Presented with Home Assistant Login
    You’re about to give access to your Home Assistant instance.
    Logging in with Home Assistant Local.
    It Works, but Chrome URL bar says “Not Secure”

FYI: I have also rebooted my RasPi

I would be thankful for any guidance on the next steps.

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It seems your certificate is expired. Check the log of the duckdns add-on.

Thanks for the guidance.

Log indicates nothing but “Date/Time”; “OK”, “my iP Address”, and “No Change”

Just wanted to close this topic.
I updated each add-on plus updated Home Assistant.
I don’t know what about that helped my problem (if anything), but the problem is gone.

I’m facing the same issue, just updated everything that was pending, and still, … no luck :frowning:

I too have the same issue updated HA core and OS, still issue persists.

Only able to connect & authenticate with homeassistant on the iOS app if external duckdns SSL url ( is used.

When the internal url https://homeassistant.local or the local IP of homeassistant instance is used it gives the error “Uh Oh! We encountered an error while connecting to your instance. Your SSL certificate is untrusted…” as mentioned by OP.

Any tips are appreciated.

I’m having the same problem.

It may be the same issue I’m facing with the cert not liking the redirect and also TalkTalk broadband does not allow NAT Loopback. That is a problem with the router. I’m trying to use another DNS such as AdGuard to do a DNS rewrite but I think I need to somehow make the cert accept connections from within my network.