SOLVED: Ecolink Door/Window Sensor dwzwave2 - HA 0.114.4

I have no problem adding this device to HA but the open/close status never updates. Only one of the entities appears to have any valid data and that is the battery percent. All others appear dead.

If I remove and replace the battery sometimes these two entities may change
sensor.ecolink_door_window_sensor_access_control (22 or 23)
binary_sensor.ecolink_door_window_sensor_sensor (off or on)

Has anyone managed to get this sensor working in HA?

SOLUTION: Dont add this device via the Z-wave stick include option. Instead add it via the HA interface Menu option Configuration/Integration/Zwave/Configure Put the Ecolink device into include mode and select Add Node Secure Once included this device works properly.

I’m considering purchasing these. Did they end up working out for you?

I have a DWZWAVE25 that works without issue as well as other flood freeze sensors based off the same hardware. Ecolink devices are pretty solid in my experience. My guess is that the user above did not wake the device enough after inclusion for it to finish pairing. Battery devices go to sleep quickly and may need the cover removed and the tamper button usually keeps them awake long enough to pair properly. Also you do not want to add this device securely… it will create extra unnecessary traffic on your network and possibly reduce the battery life of the sensor. Secure adding is usually for things like door locks or garage door openers….