Solved: Energy dashboard empty after reload

I’m running the latest and greatest core-2021.9.7. Installed the Slimmemeter and began tracking in the energy dashboard a few days ago

However every time I reload HA, the energy dashboard comes up empty. Historical data from days past is gone as well. The dashboard will start tracking and filling the data as of the reboot. It looks like the data isn’t stored statefull.

Any idea now to fix this?


Are there any errors in your log?

Particularly database or recorder errors.

Nope. The only error I get is related to an currently offline camera.

Do you have any excludes in your recorder configuration?

purge_keep_days: 5
purge_interval: 5
db_url: ‘sqlite:///:memory:’ # Set log to use memory, not SD card

That could be the culprit, and since I do not use SD card anymore…

I’ll remove and let you know.

Yes that worked.

Thx Tom!