[SOLVED] Enphase Battery: Charge and discharge entities

Hi everyone,

I am running the latest HA version

  • Core 2024.6.4
  • Supervisor 2024.06.2
  • Operating System 12.4
  • Frontend 20240610.1

and just got my enphase system :slight_smile:

Everything seems to be working fine, but I don’t see the battery charge and discharge entities as mentioned in the docs:

  • For Energy going into the battery, use the the Envoy Lifetime battery energy charged entity.
  • For Energy coming out off the battery, use the the Envoy Lifetime battery energy discharged entity.4

My HA instance is using German and I also checked the hidden entities.
But charged or dischaged is nowhere to be found.

Anyone with the same issue?

And I don’t see any switch to charge the battery manually:

  • A switch allowing you to enable or disable charging the Encharge/IQ Batteries from the power grid.

I found a solution:

My batteries show the current charge / discharge Wattage:
sensor.encharge_122327105880_leistung (Leistung = German for power)

I created templates converting negative values to positive (charging) and use the positive for discharging.

From these I created a Riemann left integral to get the total for both in kWh.
These are used in the Energy dashboard then.