[SOLVED] ESPHome 1.14.3 connectivity problems

I post this here as a possible solution for those who are experiencing a similar behavior.

I migrated a bunch of ESP8266/ESP8285 devices from Tasmota to ESPHome, but all disconnected from HA Core every couple of minutes or so.
I solved this issue on all those devices at once by migrating to ESPHome-dev (1.15.0-dev).

Just to give an idea, this is what the history shows forone of those devices, a RGBWW bulb. The red line is the reboot following the migration to ESPHome 1.15.0-dev


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Thanks, was just looking for the solution to this!

having the exact same issues, sadly didnt read it earlier as im currently waiting for my backup restore to finish

i am new to ESPhome can you please tell me how to migrate to dev version?

@macguy81 The simpler method is installing the ESPHome-dev Hass.io addon.
Only one of ESPHome | ESPHome-dev can be running at the same time.

thanks for the reply, i have the ESPHOME add on how do i install the dev version

Add the esphome repository as the link above says. When you go to the add-on store you will see three versions of esphome. One of them is the dev version. If you are currently running the standard version stop it before starting the dev version. You can’t run both at the same time.


After installing you should see ESPHome-dev like in the screenshot below.

Thanks, i flashed with 1.15 i still keep loosing connection every few minutes and have to restart the device. Any advice?

@macguy81 try with a static ip or at least a fixed ip reservation on your dhcp server.
Also, ensure the ESP has a good WiFi signal.