[solved] ESPhome addon-dashboard shows everything offline

As per above, my ESPhome-addon-dashboard always shows my devices are offline by they are not really.
Also the addon does not show all the ESPhome devices that do talk with HA.

Where should I look for the culprit ?
Thank you, Jan

I found fixed IP address helped. Can you run a log

Are they on a different vlan to your HA ?

Usually the problem is that mDNS is not working for some reason. If you are using the esphome addon, enable status_use_ping in the addon configuration.


Excellent tip! This solved my issue of having the ESP device on a different subnet from the HA server.
Well, that and setting a fixed IP in my DHCP server and setting “use_address” param in the wifi settings.
Anyways, now it’s all sunshine and smiling faces!

Well, this hint:

 *enabling* `status_use_ping` *in the addon configuration.*

changed it, I do now see blue devices, but I assume that after updating thy will turn green.
Thank you very much, Jan