[solved] Event button_pressed not working anymore

Hi there!
I upgraded to 0.84.2 today and noticed that one of my automations doesn’t work anymore.

My automation looks like this:

- alias: Scene slapen activeren
    platform: event
    event_type: button_pressed
    event_data: {"entity_id": "switch.db1"}
    - service: notify.pushover
        title: "Bedtijd"
        message: "Weltrusten!"
          sound: magic
          priority: 2
    - service: notify.androidtv
        title: "Weltrusten"
        message: "De TV gaat uit!"
    - delay: 3
    - service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.slapen

When I push the button, I see ths in de logfile:
[homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Rfxtrx fired event: (event_type: button_pressed, entity_id: switch.db1, state: group on)

But nothing happens, my scene won’t activate.
Also, the event ‘button_pressed’ isn’t available in the list of Available Events on the dev-event page.


I’m not sure what type of buttons you use and from which version of HA you’re coming from, but just in case, the following breaking change was done in 0.83 which might explain your problem (text from the release note):

Prefix all xiaomi_aqara events with “xiaomi_aqara”. Please update your automations: motion -> xiaomi_aqara.motion , click -> xiaomi_aqara.click , cube_action -> xiaomi_aqara.cube_action (@syssi - #17354)

If you’re not using xiaomi button, I have no idea so hopefully someone else can help you …

Thanks for your reply! I’m not using Xiaomi buttons, but a coco doorbell button.
Anyway, strangly it’s working again. I noticed some errors in the scene (the value color_temp had to be changed to rgb_color because I changed a tradfri light recently) and after a reboot things are back to normal.