[Solved]Everytime I start tailscale, a half hour later my local network goes down

I start to lose access to my local cameras, router, home assistant, everything local. I still have access to offsite cameras, web pages, my router through it’s web app, and access to HA through duckdns. I don’t see anything in the logs.

As soon as tailscale is stopped everything returns to normal. I am using the adguard addon for my dns and have duckdns installed. Do I need to get rid of https to use tailscale?

Edit: It was duckdns/adguard it appears

I first set all my add ons to ssl: false
Next removed https from adguards config
Commented out my settings under http:
Turned off duckdns
Restarted HA
Changed my links to http
Cleared browser cahce.