[SOLVED] First start of Home Assistant Blue and... first error ;-)

Hello everybody!

I’m new to Home Assistant, so, sorry in advance if this question is easy, but I’ve tried to see if other had the same issue and I didn’t found the same problem so far…

So, I’ve received the Home Assistant Blue today, I’ve connected the ethernet cable, then, I’ve connected the power cable, after a few minutes I was able to acces to http://homeassistant.local:8123 so I was really happy!

Then, I’ve created my owner account and on the second page, the page where you normally enter a name for your home and set your location and unit system, I’ve got a first error. It was something like “Failed to save: undefined something”.

I thought that I didn’t wait long enough before to start the onboarding, so I’ve closed the tab, waited a few minutes, then tried again.

Now I don’t see this page anymore, I see a new one, (see screenshot below), but, each time I click on “Next”, with the boxes ticked or not ticked, I get another error: “Failed to save: Unknown error”

Problem is, I don’t know what to do know and I don’t even know how to restart it at this point!

Can you help me to start correctly?

And… Problem solved!

I’ve tried to disconnect the power cable, wait a little, reconnect the power cable and everything is ok now!

Closing my first issue!

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I have this issue now but this solution didn’t work.

Did you try to unplug completely the power? Then wait a few seconds, then, connect the power again?