[Solved] Foscam HT2 PTZ services not working

I have just purchased a Foscam HT2 camera and added it to HA via the Foscam integration. While this camera supports PTZ, neither the foscam.ptz or the foscam.ptz_preset services are doing anything.

In the logfile, I see the following:

2021-02-13 21:34:19 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.foscam] Error moving right 'Foscam': -3
2021-02-13 21:24:53 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.foscam] Error moving to preset LeftMost on 'Foscam
0:88': -3

I take it the “-3” is some kind of error code.

This is on Hassio 2021.2.2

My bad. I had configured a user that was just a “Visitor” and not an “Operator”, so that user had no permissions to do PTZ. It’s all working now.

I can call foscam.ptz but foscam.ptz_preset without result, any ideas? Early I can set presets, but not now… I don’t quite understand what the problem is, the log is empty for that reason, i.s. the impression is that the service is working, but what happens next is not clear.