[Solved] Gauge Card, non red

I’ve set a gauge card

        type: entities
      - entity: sensor.tinker_cpu_temperature
        max: 90
        min: 0
        name: CPU Temp
          green: 1
          red: 66
          yellow: 65
        theme: default
        type: gauge
        unit: °C

But the red is not coming

What am I missing ?

Take a look here for the gauge colors.

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A bit strange that green and yellow are existing, without any intervention.
Anyway I’ll go to do as you suggested.
I’m trying something slightly different. I have a directory of themes, how should I add the gauge theme in a separated file ?

Like any other ‘.yaml’ in your directory.

Ooops, It was a bit of tinkering.
So what it was the first line, becomes the file name and the following lines are deducted of one indentation.
There was an error that the assigned variables were non quote enclosed.