[SOLVED] Get all member of a „binary_sensor“ group from the Dashboard

Hi there,

first of all, sorry I am pretty new to HA.

My problem:
I have a group with all my window/door sensors. This group has a custom:button-card on my Dashboard. When one (ore more) of the windows/doors are open the card icon and color changes.
Now I would like to see all members (and their state) when I tap on this card on my Dashboard.
Currently I get the History and Logs of this group but not the member.

  - type: custom:button-card
    layout: vertical
    name: Fenster
    entity: binary_sensor.status_alle_fenster
    primary_info: name
    secondary_info: none
      action: more-info
      action: none
      action: none
      - value: 'on'
        color: Red
        icon: mdi:window-closed
      - value: 'off'
        color: Green
        icon: mdi:window-open

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That’s the reason I don’t like the new „groups“, not enough information. You can create an old-style group that shows you all members in the more-info-dialog. Or you search for custom more-info cards like Browser-Mod.

Hi @pedolsky,

thank you so much!
I checked multiple times the group page. But it seems I stopped scrolling before reaching the old-style groups.

This solves my problem.

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