[solved] Get the WLED card that WLED provides onto a Lovelace dashboard?

I’m using Home Assistant in a Docker container on my own hardware.

  • Core 2023.11.3
  • Frontend 20231030.2

BLUF (bottom line up front): How do I get the WLED card onto a Lovelace Dashboard?

I’m trying to make a dashboard for my Christmas tree lights. Gee, what a surprise. I go to the dashboard, choose “Edit Dashboard” and then choose “+ Add Card”. I search for my lights, which are running WLED. They’re integrated using the built-in WLED integration. That integration is working normally and all is well.

When I go to Add a Card, I choose “By Entity” and search for my WLED device. If I click the WLED device in the list, I get this really cool card that pops up. It has a slider for intensity, some color pickers, and several other features. This card is a working card too. While I’m looking at it, I can operate the lights. See the attached picture.

If I tick the box next to WLED, the card that gets suggested/added is the ordinary dimmer card, with a little arc over the icon. It doesn’t have any of the features of the thing I was just looking at. I want, on my dashboard, the card that pops up when I click the entity. The one with the intensity slider in the middle, colour pickers, and so on. If I search “By Card” in Lovelace, that card is not there (at least not by any name I recognise).

So how can I get this card on my Lovelace dashboard?

You can use this to display any more-info card directly in the dashboard:

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Thanks! That’s absolutely perfect and what I was looking for!

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If you’re looking for something similar, just a little more comprehensive, this might be something for you. However, the setup is a little more complex than with the standard card