Solved - Getting Tuya integration to work

I found this topic yesterday and follow/googled to get this set up and working with the lightbulb I have: Action Smart (LSC smart connect) works with TUJA integration

I’m kind of stuck, as trying to configure and activate the integration gives an error, and the Tuya IoT platform is also doing some weird things.

I have the Tuya app, made an account and paired my one light bulb with the app. Works fine, I can control it, set warmth, intensity, etc.

I then created a Cloud project on the Tuya IoT Platform and filled the Access ID and Access Secret into HA without doing anything else. That gave me a “Login error (2406): skill id invalid” error. Googled and they mentioned linking the Tuya app, so I went into the Devices tab and clicked “Link Tuya App Account”. Scanned the QR code, which prompted me to log in on the device.

When I do that however, the Tuya IoT platform website gives me a “0 device(s) under the App Account being linked with this project”. So it seems like it can’t see the bulb I have connected in the app? I’ve created two Cloud projects as test, linked my account to both. I see no way to unlink my app, there’s no way to delete the Cloud project and I can only link the app to max 2 projects.

Googling further it mentions the specific error HA gives should be related to the chosen dataceter, but even when enabling all of them I get the same error. I also made sure to add and enable the “Device Status Notification” API.

Does anyone know if this integration is broken or if I’m doing something wrong?

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You’re doing it right. And when you don’t see devices under the appropriate datacenter, opening up to the others is the first step tuya would give you.

I’ve not had problems beyond that but if you hit the tuya help, they’re incredibly responsive and will help you see your devices (they helped me). But according to the steps you’ve taken, you’re where you should be.

They did manage to help, thanks for the suggestion! I talked to their chatbot but that just gave me suggestions, which led me to believe they didn’t have any actual customer support. Should have looked better.

I thought I was on the correct data center, turns out I wasn’t. Had to change from Western Europe to Central Europe and link the app again. I think they also unlinked my app from either project I made, because when I tried that before I got the “your app is already linked to 2 projects” error.

Everything working now!