[SOLVED] HACS "Community" is not displayed on the UI

Hi there. I was just trying to integrate HACS. I loaded and unpacked the current folder 0.20.4 … from GitHub, then copied it into the custom_components folder. After restarting HA, now I’m in the integrations and added HACS, entered the token of GitHub and started. “Success” was displayed. The “Community” is not displayed on the left side of the interface. Have restarted HA several times without success. Did I forgot something? I have other folders in the “custom_components” folder, maybe that’s a problem? I am using version 0.103.0 of Home Assistant. I would be grateful for help or problem solving.

Did you put all of the hacs files under one folder in the custom_components folder called “hacs”?

Like this:


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Hello, I downloaded the file, unzipped it and then copied it into the “custom_components” folder …

Including the hidden .translations directory?

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Hello, yes the files are all there. I extracted the * .ZIP folder and copied the resulting “hacs” folder with SambaShare from the PC to the Raspberry Pi …
The “.translation” folder is not hidden from me, see screenshot

i had the same problem. Solved deleting the custom_updater.py file inside custom_components folder. Have a try :slight_smile:


Shame on my head !!! Thank you for your efforts, but I found the problem …
I have just tried to integrate “HACS” for the hundredth time, and carried out all steps as described here … Browser cache cleared, Home Assistant restarted again and again, integrations deleted and reinstalled. My problem was that the file “custom_updater.py” was in the “custom_components” folder !!! I deleted the file and the integration worked, hallelujah !!!

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Thank you, I’m writing a request for Github that this will be stated in the description …

Weird, the removal of custom_updater was previously stated in the installation instructions.

I just reread this guide https://hacs.xyz/docs/installation/manual and couldn’t find anything about removing the “custom_updater.py” file. But I remembered that I read something about it some time ago and therefore I removed the file from the “hacs” folder and it works. At the same time the news came from @hangy

Just thought it might make sense to mention in the instructions that the “custom_updater.py” file in “hacs” must be deleted.

No offense, nevertheless thanks for the help here to all people in the forum and especially to ludeeus.

I agree with you, I was surprised it has disappeared from the instructions.