[Solved] Hass.io and Google Home executing scripts


I’ve setup my Hass.io to work with my Google Home device and I can turn on lights and stuff so it’s working fine, but how do I execute custom scripts. I created several script that execute perfectly through my Dashboard but when I try to execute them throught my Google Home it doesn’t do anything… Is there a special speech pattern when executing scripts ?

Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks !


I’ve read this Google Home Scripts? but IFTTT is not something viable for me. How do you setup a shortcut in google how, can’t seem to find this.

Step one.

Confirm you can run the script with the voice command “turn on {script.name}”

Step two.

Smart home app -> more settings -> short cuts or routines. You can then set a different phrase and link that to turn on …

Look here.

Works perfectly, thank you for the link, I managed to activate my scripts with shortcuts.

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