[SOLVED] Hass traffic to Microsoft? What's it for?


I recently noticed some traffic from my hass instance to Microsoft and was wondering what it is. I’m very concerned for my technology privacy and freedom in the digital world and don’t entirely trust Microsoft.

Here’s the traffic I’m curious about.

-->  netstat -an |grep 443 |grep EST
tcp        0      0       ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0       ESTABLISHED

-->   lsof -i TCP:443
hass    13426   ha   14u  inet 689995      0t0  TCP myhomeassistant:47174-> (ESTABLISHED)
hass    13426   ha   20u  inet 698589      0t0  TCP myhomeassistant:51502-> (ESTABLISHED)

A whois lookup on both & show they belong to Microsoft Corporation but nslookups on them both fail with this:

-->  nslookup
** server can't find NXDOMAIN
-->  nslookup
** server can't find NXDOMAIN

I can open a webpage to the addresses on port 443 but they both say this:

    "ReturnCode": "-99",
    "ErrorMessage": "please contact customer care, supportID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "CorrelationId": ""

Are you using any cloud based integrations?
Do you have any custom components or addons installed?

Looks like devices.myq-cloud.com resolves to that IP, and it is probably on Azure, which is why MS owns it

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Thanks Richie, you’re spot on! I am in fact using MyQ (grumbles at MyQ under his breath). How did you resolve the IP to devices-east.myq-cloud.com? I tried the reverse lookup for but it just came back with this:

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN"

Thanks for the insight.

dumb luck, I also use MyQ but do not have it integrated into HA, since I am using my security system instead to trigger a relay to activate the openers

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