[Solved] Help HomeAssistant VM having problems booting after updating

My home assistant is running in a VM the host os is XCP-NG and the management interface is xen-orchestra (compiled from source). The VM was created using the official VMDK file
It have allocated 2 CPU core 3GB of ram and 32 GB of disk space to the vm and the boot was changed from bios to EUFI
Here are the setting for the VM

I updated HA to 2022.7 and now I get this
The boot sequence seems fine until it gets to this part

Note that i have snapshot of the vm and restoring to a snapshot that was taken before updating did not solve it.

If anybody have an idea.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but it turned out that the server on with home assistant was deployed did not had any space left on the hard drive thus creating weird issue on multiple VMs