[SOLVED]Help with H.A. Crash - proxmox

I get this error every 4 days or so and the system crash, have to stop and restart the HA proxmox VM.
This is the VM configuration and the last console log.

Anyone knows something about this.

I’ve spotted several things wrong. It’d be easier to follow these instructions than explaining how to fix it.


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It happened again.

Give your machine specs. Hope you’re not using the Intel Celeron N5105 Processor.

Its a NUC with an Intel(R) Celeron(R) N5095 @ 2.00GHz
SSD: NGFF 2280 256GB
Memory: 8Gb

Basically the same as the N5105

There’s know issues with those processors and Proxmox

Guess i’ll run HA in docker then to test, because with my other applications i have no problem.
Updated to Kernel 5.19 looks like it fixed for some guys. Let’s see.
13 days running without a problem after updating the kernel.

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