[SOLVED] Home Assistant IP/Name not showing up in Nest Wifi device list

Hey guys, I have HA OS setup on a virtual box vm (on an old windows7 laptop) and was trying to enable remote access, except I’m not finding home assistant on my router’s device list. Everything else works perfectly fine, can access home assistant via ip address and homeassistant.local. I have a nest wifi router (with 2 mesh points) and the only way to port forward is through the google home app, where you have to select a device to forward. What should I do?

According to this: https://www.reddit.com/r/GoogleWiFi/comments/mowg56/unable_to_port_forward_static_ip_device/

It seems like the issue might be because I have a static IP, although I never set one up through the google home app, it just says it is a static IP in Home Assistantimage.

I’m scared to click “DHCP” because when I do, it threatens that it will change the IP address of my Home Assistant Installation, which I am not sure is a good idea.

I switched to DHCP on HA, like the reddit post suggested, and HA finally popped up in my router’s device list, however it is showing up offline (despite HA working perfectly fine) and therefore won’t allow me to port forward. I tried restarting router and HA (and it’s VM) with no luck.

Update: After talking to google support, they made me restart everything multiple times, before prompting me to use ethernet (don’t know how I didn’t think of this). After that, HA finally appeared online in the google home app!