SOLVED: Home Assistant + ZHA + Sonoff/Tasmota Zigbee Hub (Wi-Fi)

Step-by-step instructions to build custom firmware, flash the device, and final setup steps to work with or without Home Assistant:

kerimcelik, I need to add two separate houses to my HA-system, so that is not an option.

francisp, I will try that, and will be back. Since that is different version board (V1.2, I have V1.4), I bet it will not work.

Lets see what happens, I’ll be back! :slight_smile:

I suggest you just start from here:

The device is now set up to use with Zigbee2Tasmota. For Home Assistant, there are a few more steps.

That did the trick! For future people who are reading this, the answer is to compile your own with this guide (thanks francisp): A Wired Sonoff Zigbee Alternative – The Helpful Idiot

Finally add to console:
backlog rule1 on system#boot do TCPStart 8888 endon ; rule1 1 ; TCPStart 8888

and now it will listen to port 8888, even after reboot :ok_hand: