[SOLVED] Homematic thermometer not appearing in HomeKit

I set up a CCU3 and “integrated” it via configuration.yaml. On the Homematic WebUI I have 2 devices: a HMIP-STHO thermometer (2 channels: Temperature and Humidity) and a HMIP-PSM switch-plug (5 channels where only 2 are interesting: switch and energy Counter).

My mission is: show Temperature, Humidity and Switch, Energy Counter in HomeKit.

The setup was easy. In HomeKit appears the switch-plug - but only with the switch channel. The rest of channels and thermometer are not appearing.

In Homeassistent itself all channels are appearing correct. So I think all the data from the devices are available but not sent to HomeKit.

Where could be the mistake?
Do I need to transform the data of the channels into a new entity?

My next step is to add smoke sensors (HMIP-SWSD) and Window Contacts (HMIP-SWDO-I) an to show the states in HomeKit as well. I think it is similar to the other devices.

Thanks for your help.

There is a HomeKit add-on for HomeMatic here https://github.com/thkl/hap-homematic. That might be a more direct approach to solving your problem.

I used it for a while and it worked well.

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Thank you very much. Easy and good solution!