[solved[ How accurate is the color temperature reading/setting in HA?

Hi guys, I’m on the hunt for a few ledstrips.

Some time ago I bought the IKEA MYRVARV ledstrip which should produce light at 2700 Kelvin but to me it seems a lot colder. There is no slider to change the color temp but I gave it a place under the kitchen cabinets where it suits well.

I have a bulb that is configurable and according to the documentation it can go as low as 2700 Kelvin but it’s much warmer then the ledstrip previously mentioned.
In HA I can change the value to 2202K and if I move the slider even further, it says 1538K but switches back automatically to 2202K

I don’t need colors but want to get ledstrips that are really warm white, closer to the color temperature of traditional bulbs and I’m looking for references/comparison of color temperatures.

What are your experiences?

In answer to the question in your topic: It is entirely dependant on the colour temperature accuracy of the device.

The light presents an API for Home Assistant to use to set (and get) the colour temperature. If the device is inaccurate that’s not Home Assistant’s fault.

My Lifx lights all seem to have a similar colour temperature when I set all the lights in a room to the same temperature (different types too, some GU10 down-lights, some A19 bulbs).

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Hi Tom, thanks for answering!

So the differences in what I notice between these different lights is the result of false incorrect information from manufacturer/seller…

Yes, correct. Uncalibrated or poorly calibrated.

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