SOLVED: How can I trigger/configure parameters of the HA automation via CLI?

Hello, everyone!
I’m a bit confused - there is an CLI, but for some reason it is only for managing HA itself, not the content.
I’m pretty bad at text parsing, developing etc, but I can write some simple scripts. In cases like that, using API is kinda overkill and complicates the process.
Could you please implement a little bit more functionality for scripts and automation to the CLI?

EDIT: The thing was already out there! Thanks @123!

That was never the intended purpose of that particular cli.

There are several ways of creating/editing automations and scripts already, obviously, or HA wouldn’t exist.

Why do you think you have to use the cli to accomplish that? What other methods have you tried?

There’s a separate CLI called hass-cli and it’s described here:

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Because it is a common practice to bridge requests to the API via CLI (at least, using it as a gateway is good idea, so I wouldn’t need to address the API server all the time). And it is way more convinient to use it with scripts, than invoking API and parsing the answer.
API - is for developers, CLI - for scripting.
And bridging the requests via CLI makes the system safer and more stable (as a result of decoupling)

Looks like it is exactly what I was looking for. Don’t know how I missed it. Thanks a lot!