[SOLVED] How do I get Danfoss Ally thermostat exposed in HA from deCONZ?

Hi everyone, I bought a Danfoss Ally radiator thermostat because it is listed under “Other supported devices” on Dresden Elektronik’s GitHub. Phoscon does not find them, via VNC I find them in deConz. I would like to integrate them into Home Assistant and control them there. Is this somehow “easy peasy” possible? Github states an issue but it looks resolved to me. Somehow I feel confused at a higher level.

If you are using deconz, then simply pair it.

And? I paired it, it is in deCONZ but not exposed to HA :frowning:

You have deconz in HA config?

I am unsure what you mean by “deCONZ in HA config”. I have several devices working in HA through deCONZ, so I think its a yes :slight_smile:

Then I have no idea what is wrong. Are you saying no climate device shows up in home assistant developer tools?

How should/would it show up in developer tools?

Go to developer tools
Click on states
You will see a list of all your entities
Filter on climate
And for good measure filter on thermostat
Or if all else fails just look through all your entities.

Its not there in either case :frowning:

Doesn’t deconz have a web interface? What does it say?

There is 2 visual interfaces to deCONZ, VNC and Phoscon.

The thermostat shows up in VNC but not in Phoscon.

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I added the thermostat through the Phoscon interface, and it was immidiately available in HA.Togehter with the thermostat entity, HA also discovered a sensor - but it remains unavailable and unusable.

Anyone know why this is the case?

The deconz side of things does not show any sensor entity.

@SuneRadich how did you add it? As sensor, switch or light?

The best you can do is follow debugging instructions for deconz integration and the look at the logs if the device is at all exposed over the rest api

Danfoss Ally can now be added as sensor in deCONZ/Phoscon, problem solved

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@Krolykke Which kind of parameters were you able to see and eventually configure when you added the Ally thermostat? I’m considering buying this as a alternative to offerings as Tado that doesn’t support Zigbee. I’m just not keen on having one more bridge device, so a Zigbee thermostat paired with deCONZ is like music in my ears. I’m hoping that I can mimic the automation possibilities in HA, which the Tado offering are able to do.

Not quite sure what you mean but … I can read the temperature of the room where the thermostat Is and I can set a target temperature that it will try to reach and hold. Let me know if you want me to do something in HA og deCONZ with it :slight_smile: Edit: and battery level

Thx for answer, thats exactly what I was looking for.

Tado wants you to pay a monthly fee for (cloud) automations like, geofencing and ‘open-window-detection’. I’m hoping to take the Danfoss Ally and do the exact same things locally in HA.

@Krolykke @SuneRadich,

What is your experience with the sound/noise level when the thermostates are adjusting to the different temperature levels? Is it noticeable or silent?

Regarding noiselevel. I had Danfoss Living Connect Z before I changed to Ally, I heard them “work” with a noticeable humming when they regulated. Ally on the other hand, have I never heard “work” (thet do!), I have only heard them when I have mounted/demounted them and retracted the spindle beforehand. So silent must be the answer to your question.