[SOLVED] How to integrate ESP32 which cannot be flashed/OTA updated on host system?

I recently acquired a Sensiron SEN54 air quality sensor which I paired with a ESP32-C3-DevKitC-02 board. Apparently the latter is very new and not well supported yet.

I’m running HA on a RPi3B+ and ESPHome could not flash this board due to missing libraries for the Pi hardware. So instead I exported the YAML and flashed it using my desktop PC, which was successful.

I can see the ESP in ESPHome (tail the log and see that the SEN54 is sending values) but I don’t know how to integrate it into HA as it doesn’t show up as a device. There is no esphome.xxxxxxx... generated in .storage (due to not being able to flash/OTA update from the host I guess?).

So my question is simply how do I integrate this into HA?


Never mind, it was as easy as adding a new ESPHome integration from the UI using the local address and encryption key.