[Solved] How to set `force_update: true` for a mqtt sensor created by mqtt discovery?

Hi I’m using https://github.com/ThomDietrich/miflora-mqtt-daemon to fetch data from my miflora sensors and send it over mqtt.

The sensors are automatically added to home assistant with mqtt discovery.

But i want to set forced_update to true, how would I do that when the sensor is dynamiclly created?

I have tried the following but it did not seem to work.

      force_update: true

The reason for doing this is, if I receive the exact same value again via mqtt the last changed field does not change value. (when forced_update is set to true it changes timestamp even if the value is the same.)

I want to check for stale data, this could happen if a sensor locks up or runs out of battery, or if the daemon crashes.

i managed to solve this by modifying the source software https://github.com/AnderssonPeter/miflora-mqtt-daemon

i added force update to the sensor message and retain to the data message, so that the pant sensor data is retained when i restart home assistant.