Solved: Howto downgrade supervisor with Portainer

In order to freshly install home assistant 0.92.2 and in order to get an old unmaintained custom component to work again, I think I need to downgrade supervisor to 162 or 161 first. New fresh install gives me version 164.
If I downgrade to 0.92.2 with supervisor 164, the gui do not load anymore.
hassio su update --version=162 do not work either since docker probably auto upgrades supervisor to latest at the reboot.

So I now try to change the supervisor image in docker via Portainer.

My trouble in Portainer is that I cannot change the active image in the container while it is running.
And if I copy the container running version 164 and run 162 in the copy, I cannot kill the container running 164, even if 162 is running. Reboot do not work either.
I think its my docker knowledge that fails me here, and I have spent hours and hours looking for tips on the web, but have not found anything…
Any ideas?