[SOLVED] Hue: changes not showing in HA

I am trying to get my head round HA.
I only have Philips Hue devices on the network.
I have created automations which work.
I have then added a bulb (called “Hue BC Front Cons 2”) which appears in the Hue app but not in HA.

Q1) What do I have to do in HA so that it recognises the new lamp? Is there a ‘refresh’ function?

Here are three screenshots of the Hue app.
You will see I have:

From HA here are screenshots of the Overview, Configuration | Areas and Configuration | Devices


Q2) I was under the impression that the HA integration would obtain the Devices and the Areas fron the Hue app. Am I mistaken? If not, what do I have to do?

Q3) Why does HA show the lamp “Hue BC Fron Cons 2” as in “No Area” when the Hue app says (correctly) it is in “Front Cons”? This lamp was the one added last.

I am running HassOS4.17
The Hue app and device firmware are up-to-date

I have reloaded the Hue integration (but did not delete it first)

Any ideas?

I’m impatient.
I deleted and reinstalled the Hue integration and it now looks correct.
I suspect it may have been corrupted during its original installation (the subject of another post)