SOLVED: I want to show camera proxy on dashboard, but not with api-password- how?

Hi All

I had originally set up the API password, and let the dashboard connect to the camera proxy with the API Password.
I’ve removed the API password now, and I’ve fixed all the other spots it were used, but how do I fix it for the camera proxy?

I have f.ex. something like this:

widget_type: camera
title: Vejrudsigt
entity_picture: http://IP:8123/api/camera_proxy/
title_style: “visibility: hidden;”
refresh: 900

How do I go about getting it to use a long lived token instead?

To view the camera on local network, just add the appdaemon ip and port to the trusted_networks section in HA.
For accessing it externally, the access token is an attribute in your camera entity, i.e

access_token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6a2
model_name: VMC3030
brand: Netgear Arlo
battery_level: 89
brightness: -1
flipped: false
mirrored: false
motion_detection_sensitivity: 80
power_save_mode: optimized
signal_strength: 4
unseen_videos: 417
recent_activity: false
image_source: capture/05-16 00:00
attribution: Data provided by
friendly_name: Baksidan
entity_picture: /api/camera_proxy/camera.aarlo_baksidan?token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6a2
supported_features: 0

So I guess the camera widget need to be updated to add the access_token attribute to the url.

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Hey, the trusted network with a /32 mask worked perfectly, thankyou!