[solved] IKEA TRADFRI bulb GU10 WW 400lm (LED1837R5) doesnt show up on HA


I’m using a Pi4 with HASSBIAN v0.98.5, a CC2531 USB sniffer, running Zigbee2mqtt (Z2M) version 1.5.1
Mosquitto mqtt broker 3.1.1

I’ve a problem with the IKEA TRADFRI bulb GU10 WW 400lm (LED1837R5)
I can set it in Factory reset mode and it gets picked up by the zigbee2mqtt .

At first it was seen as an unknown device, but i updated the devices.js file
With the following content, as found on the GitHub site of Z2M.
I verified with other entries and to me it looks okay.

        zigbeeModel: ['TRADFRI bulb GU10 WW 400lm'],
        model: 'LED1837R5',
        vendor: 'IKEA',
        description: 'TRADFRI LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, dimmable',
        extend: generic.light_onoff_brightness,

When i look at the conf file of Z2M
I can see both GU10 i tried:

    friendly_name: '0x000d6ffffe62e4c2'
    retain: false

    friendly_name: '0x14b457fffe41b677'
    retain: false

Other devices i bought today are working fine
(one control outlet E1603 and a LED1623G12 E27 Light bulb)
Yesterday i added a couple of Sonoff basic switches and some Tradfi light bulb
(3 LED1624G9)

I have no clue where to start trouble shooting this.
It looks like the Z2M and the mosquitto broker are working fine.
It’s just these GU10 devices that won’t show up in HA.

Any Advise is welcome
Kr, Erwin

Do you see them if you look at the Mqtt traffic?

If you had to update the devices.js file with content from a newer version on github, then you probably need to update zigbee2mqtt/lib/extension/homeassistant.js as well. The current dev version has this for your device:

'LED1837R5': [configurations.light_brightness],

at line 485.

With the changes you have already made, zigbee2mqtt knows about your device, but Home Assistant doesn’t know how to discover it. This one-line change makes that happen.

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Hello wixoff,

Thank you for your answer, this was the sollution.
I was not aware of this additional file.
I already added a device to an excsiting entree in the devices.js file ( an E14 version of an already excisting E27 light bulb with the part number) That worked straight away.

So, the homeassistant.js was an eyeopener :wink:

Francisp thank you for your effort as well.
Just to let you know, i did see teh MQTT trafic.

kr, erwin