[SOLVED] Images with /local/ doesn't work - help

Hi. I have a problem with images (maybe a noob question but I don’t know the structure of files with docker etc.). Hassio is running on Raspberry pi3.

Everytime I use /local/ patch for images - they are unavaliable. When I use full patch f(eg http://www.server.com/image.png) everything works well.
For example:

type: picture-glance
- switch.living_room_light
- light.desk_light
- script.tv_power_toogle
- script.soundbar_power_toogle
image: /local/living_room.jpg

I put images to my /config directory in HA. Maybe I need to put the images somewhere else? Please help

Put your images in /config/www/

If the www folder does not exist, create it and restart HA.

Works like a charm - thank you :slight_smile: