[SOLVED] iOS 14 notify. option not showing all devices

I added my mother and mother-in-law to my Home Assistant as people, and gave them logins, then installed the iOS Companion app on their iPhones, had them log in and allow all permissions for location, notification, etc.

I made sure their person profile had their device associated to it (I think this is more for tracking).

I then rebooted HA Core, HA Host (twice), and still in an automation where I want to send notifications their devices don’t show up in the list of options, and notify.notify does not send them a notification, though it does send one to myself and my wife.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly, or what’s going on.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Is there any limitation to notifications that would require a user to be an administrator vs non-administrator?

Do you have any warnings in your HA logs? It’s possible if the devices have the same names then they are conflicting and not creating notify services. It logs when this occurs.

A few questions @zacwest . Do the iOS device names only need to be changed in Home assistant, so they have different endity ids? or do I need to change them on the device as well? Also, in which logs would I be looking? And is this when I try to run the automation, or at some point when I’m trying to select which notification to send? Or when the system is first booting to register the devices?

Thank you, I appreciate the direction.

You can customize the device names for notify purposes in the server settings in the HA app on iOS. Duplicates will log into your core logs. The notify service won’t be created if that is what is happening. The logs are your best bet for seeing if this is the case.

So, that was absolutely the issue. I changed the device name in iOS itself, after deleting the app (not sure it was necessary), then re-installing it. But after that, when I opened it, the device was detected for notify. Thanks so much. Never would have figured that out.