[solved] Lets encrypt for HA with windows 7

i’ve HA on windows 7 and all works like a charm, my only problem is how to generate the certificate with let’s encrypt.
I’ve opened the port 80 (port forwarding port 80 to port 80 HA machine), lunch letsencrypt.exe but it try to verify the well-know file in "mysubdomain.duckdns.org/well-know/acme.challenge/blablabla

Obviously it impossible to verify because subdomain work into HA without any webserver.

How can i solve it?
thanks in advance


Your hostnames and subdomains/domain names merely point to your IP address. They don’t care about webservers.

If you are NOT running anything else on port 80 (HA), and your ISP doesn’t BLOCK port 80, then you should be able to get the cert.

?ive solved wiht WAMP, i’ve create a temporary Virtual host where doc_root is www folder of HA.
Now all works fine, unfortunately the automatic renew is not possible.