[solved] Looking for ideas how to WW LED strip, wifi controller + physical button

Hi. I am looking for an ideas how to make possible kitchen LED lights (warm white, not the RGB ones) to be turned on/off via hassio (also to dim), but also via physical button near the controller.

One option is Led strip + sonoff with tasmota, but then there is no option for dimming the Led strip.

Another option, is with Smart Home controller, but the controller is only for RGB and comes with IR remote, not a hardware switch.

Third option is to make my own controller with Node MCU, but Im yet still a novice into that.

maybe someone has already a solution or an idea for this scenario.


Take a look at this;

Yeah but that requires a bulb that knows how to dim electronically.

thanks, yes, I did see see this thread, but I am not quite sure how it will dim the ‘dumb’ led strip. Or it could give somehow the command to the Magic Home controller, to dim or turn off/on.

Ok, I misunderstood your question.

Are you using a MagicHome LED strip controller

You can desolder the IR receiver and use a push button instead on the GPIO.
You don’t have to use the full RGB, you could just wire it to the white LED wire.

Yes, I am using the MagicHome controller. But as the HA does not read the IR state (on/off), when I turn on the leds with IR, the HA does not know that the strip is on. So it means that the physical button will work the same?

p.s. the I havent flashed the tasmota on MagicHome. It has original firmware.

I should solider the button, GPO-0 and GND as in the picture of MagicHome controller? So I need to flash the tasmota, so it will work as state change if the button is pressed?

I personally use LightWaveRF wall switches, but I understand this may be an investment, especially if you have no 433MHz hub and since LWRF have bumped their prices up.
On the other side, i have various LED strips powered /controlled by a WeMos D1 Mini Pro over MQTT.
I’m sure there are “fake” switches out there that you could use to control this via HA.
Or you could make your own with a Wemos card and a potentiometer and a 3D printed custom case…
You can also check this thread with a fab smart switch:
HA SwitchPlate - DIY LCD Touchscreen wall switch replacement.

Uploaded succesfully Espurna to Magic Home controller. Everything works great via home Assistant, also the Remote control on/off works. But still struggling how to add physical button, maybe there is a way to change IR capabilities to simple on off button.

Finally did it, using Espruma and physical button using GPIO0 and GND, by compiling espruma binary with changed hardware.h file.

addded to MAGICHOME_LED_CONTROLLER definition:

#define BUTTON1_PIN 0 // if IO0 is used
#define BUTTON1_RELAY 1

thanks for your help

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Hi, can you post a picture of the button you used or a link? I’m trying to do a similar project, an mqtt button, but I’m a total noob

Hi, I am using ordinary push button, that changes state when its pressed, and return state when its released.

similar to this.

This setup did not work with switch, tho.

Hi @kpcz… I’d like to do something similar to what it sounds like you did (i.e. mod a wifi LED controller to add a wired button - to increase user acceptance). Which Magic Home controller were you using (i.e. can I wire a button and use your nods to ESPurna on a plain wifi one magic Home, or do I need one with IR receiver 9to desolder and add the push-button switch?)

Hi. That time I used ESPurna, but i found it not so reliable, as often I had to hard-reboot magic home controller, as it stopped to responding. Now I use the same MagicHome but with tasmota, and there is no need to recompile it. I use version 6.6.0(release-sonoff), I don’t remember precise, but there were some issues with later releases on the magic home. With tasmota It is working more than a year, and I had never needed to restart it. Stable as rock :slight_smile:

Tasmota config module I use:

Module Type - Generic (18)
D3 GPIO0 Button 1 - Button1 (17)
D8 GPIO15 - PWM1 (37)

As I only use white channel, it is connected to the PWM1, other LED pins are not used.

As for Magic home version, you can use one without IR, as I have desoldered the IR diode.

This is how it looks at the moment. (I left all the wires to the ESP soleder, If i need to reflash it)

You need to check the pins of your Magic Home controller, MagicHome LED strip controller - Tasmota but be aware that there are lot of variations of Magic home controller.

Also add resistor to cancel ghost switching, because in this setup there were lots of it

Keep in mind that the button only turns led on off, there is no dimming functionality.

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Thank you @kpcz! That is awesome–greatly appreciated. I’m looking at running three separate white-only LED strips, so might be able to use just one RGB MagicHome to do it all. I’m fairly familiar with Tasmota, but thanks for the tip about possible version issues with MagicHomes.

This sounds like a job for esphome!