[solved] Making custom component compatible with new folder structure

I have made all my custom components compatible with 0.88 except this one:

I am struggling abit with the “Cover” folder here, it has a init.py-file, and so does the “main component”, how do i handle the renaming/moving of the init_py files, is it even possible?

Why do you have a custom_components/__init__.py file?

Especially as it is only a comment:


Even an empty __init__.py is enough to turn a directory into a package. But why try turn custom_components into a package? You can already import custom_components.xxx if you need to. I can’t imagine why one would want an __init__.py in custom_components.

Just to be clear, the plugin isn’t mind I was trying to make it compatible with the new system. And the old one had a file like that. But luckily i see the component was updated just a few hours after my post, so problem solved :slight_smile:

The component was updated right after my post, so it solved itself.