[SOLVED]Manually edited core.* files, now hass.io won't start


I was trying to clear out my Z-Wave system, and noticed entries in core.device_registry and core.entity_registry. I deleted the info that was related to zwave, restarted hass.io, and now it does not load at ip:8123. The container is running if I do “sudo docker ps”. Anything I can do short of reinstalling?

Stop HA. Grab the core files from a recent snapshot and replace the edited versions. Restart HA.



Just to make sure I am doing this right

sudo docker stop homeassistant
sudo tar -xvf snapshot.tar in /backups
mv my previous (good) core.files in the .storage.
then restart HomeAssistant?

sorry, late night, early morning, and late night again.

I’m no wiz with the command line but I think you will also have uncompress the homeassistant.gz file from the snapshot.tar as well, core.xxx files are in a directory in that.

Fantastic. In like Flynn. Thanks.

Yep, had to open the tar, and then open the HomeAssistant tar file. Thanks again!

In future if you absolutely must edit a core file it is good practice to stop HA first, make a copy and rename the copy core.xx.bkp. That way a simple file rename reverts any mistakes.

Good reminder. One of those “while I am at it, might as well look in here”.

Thanks again.

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Why did the OP not just use the Entity Registry GUI to delete the entities safely?

  1. Because the OP totally forgot about that!
  2. Because there are entries in the core.* that are not in the entity registry GUI.
  3. Mainly because of 1.
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