[SOLVED] Migrating z-wave network from openhab

Hi Guys,
I am considering moving from openhab to home assistant and wonder, if I can migrate the z-wave network (on the Aeotec stick) to my home assistant installation.
Means: If I install HA on a new PC (NUC), will the existing network with all its Nodes on the stick be recognized by HA?
Thanks in advance.

Do you have devices joined using s0/s2? if so do you know / can obtain your zwave security keys?

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You should be able to configure the stick using ZWaveJS / zwavejs2mqtt integration or addin of your choice and see the nodes - if you have no s0 / s2 nodes, rock on. If you have any you’ll need to enter the security keys in the appropriate configuration dialogs / yaml. Im sorry I haven’t looked at a hab config in a while and wouldn’t know were to tell you to look to get those things. In either case as long as you don’t try to edit the network until you know everything is cool, you shouldn’t hurt anything. I’ve moved my aeotec7 back and forth between my pi and my windows PC (for firmware, etc - the tools see the network there too.) so many times in the last 3 months it’s comical.

Hi Nathan,
Thank you for your quick response,
Actually openhab only support S0, no S2.
I would just give it a try and see how it works.
If I understood you correctly, how do you the security included devices might cause issues, right?
In that case I will try to re-include those.
So I can avoid re-inclusion of all the other nodes.

You should be able to locate the key here in your existing HAB install: Zwave security key location - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

put it in the appropriate location in your HA Zwave install (I use ZwaveJS2MQTT as an addin for the extra console functionality, for me this is under settings and it’s also available in the yaml for the add-in.) and should work.

Awesome - thank you, Nathan.
I just started to startup HA and I am very excited how it works out vs openhab (I use OH since more than 7 years)

None of my devices were using S2 when I migrated from Indigo early this year, and I was able to get everything going in a matter of minutes with the Z-Stick’s existing configuration. But as Z-WaveJS supports it all, it was worth my time to eventually tear everything down and put everything back again, so now all the devices that support S2 are using S2, etc.

YMMV. I’m also using Z-WaveJS2MQTT (with MQTT turned off) because like Nathan said, it offers a really nice console that ties right into the HA web UI.

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that’s an interesting approach and I will check it our later.
It seems that my devices work after HA has found the nodes (I needed to manually wake up the battery driven ones though).
Thanks for your help, guys.