[Solved] Missing weather card from overview

I just added this into my configuration.yaml

- platform: met

But I’m not seeing any weather data on the overview page, I take it that it doesn’t appear automatically like from my auto discovered Trådfri hub.

What do I need to do to get the data from the weather component I specified to the front page, or any page/view for that matter?

EDIT: I finally figured this out.Turns out the platform I was using was so recent that it wasn’t included in the version of homeassistant I was running. A simple homeassistant version update fixed the problem.

have you set the latitude and longitude for your location in configuarional.yaml

By the looks of the component if these are not specified then it uses the location of those set in configuration.yaml

Default value: Provided by Home Assistant configuration

Yes I have set those and confirmed them working by using the built-in map.

Updated the title when I read more about HA terminology. When I said earlier I get no data on the overview page I mean I don’t get the weather card in the default_view.

So, what do I need to do to just get the simple built-in weather card to show itself on the default_view in addition to adding

  - platform: met

to configuration.yaml?