[SOLVED] Needing help with Log File

Okay, I have HA completely moved over to my server and all is well (well, I still am unable to get my Amcrest IP Cams to work but that is another post). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the historical data now renders much, much better with the increased horsepower so it looks like I won’t need to carry over the MySQL database to hold all that.

However, the one issue I am having is the incredibly gigantic error log file. It looks like the log file is recording EVERYTHING. And by that, I mean all the Z-Wave messages across the network as well. My log file is currently 15,000 lines long and growing. It’s all INFO type messages as I had no errors that I have seen.

Someone, please tell me there is a way to mitigate this. Pulling up the log file now is almost as slow as pulling up the historical data on the RPi3. It’s getting rather ridiculous.

I do not have HA installed in a virtual environment if that makes a difference. I just did not want to go that route since this server is pretty much dedicated to three things; HA, General file serving and Security Camera storage. I have Samba running on it to access the HA files and configurations so it seemed logical to just go ahead and use it to set up general household file storage and I specifically moved HA over to the server so I could increase my disk storage and have the security cameras record directly to it.

Anyway, I hope someone has some insight that will help. Thanks.

Have a look at the logger component: https://home-assistant.io/components/logger/
You can specify the default level of logging in your config file. So, instead of info messages you can choose to just record warning and above or whatever suits you.

You know, I think you should probably just smack me up the side of the head. I should have checked for that. Thanks for the link.

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Worked beautifully! Thank you.