[solved] Node corruption after exclusion of different device

I had setup and been using multiple zwave products over the past couple of months with no problem. I picked up the first alert zwave fire/co2 alarms and had difficulties. On one of the forums it said to “exclude the alarm from your setup”. I did, but it turns out all you need to do is factory reset the alarms to get them to work.

However, since trying to exclude the fire alarms, now my front door lock and my garage door zwave devices are corrupted. I have tried to exclude and add back in but with no luck. The thermostat, which was added around the same time as the front door and garage but before I was messing around with the smoke alarms, is working as expected.

Any ideas on what I can do next to try and get these way more critical zwave devices back up and running?


Try reinterviewing the devices.

yep, tried that several times before trying to remove. Also tried the heal network option several times before trying to remove.
The reinterview hangs for as long as I will let it run (over night yesterday). And the heal network hangs about half way through and will stay that way until I stop it (over night previous to yesterday). I am guessing it hangs on the 2 failed nodes that I can’t clear

Figured it out. For some reason my thermostat that was still connected was blocking the zwave ui from working properly. I excluded the thermostat and the garage controller came back on line. I was also able to delete the empty nodes successfully. And after deleting the empty nodes was able to add the lock back with no problems.

No idea why clicking the “Start Exclusion” in home assistant would cause an issue with the T6 thermostat when I didn’t do anything with that entity. :woman_shrugging: