[SOLVED]Not accessible by DuckDNS when moving to Pi4

I recently decided to upgrade from a Pi3 b to a Pi 4 b 8gb for my home assistant installation. The following was my process in doing so:

  • Make a snapshot of the Pi3 installation.
  • Use Balena etcher to put image of hassos specifically for Pi 4 8gb 64 bit onto brand new sd
  • Insert new sd into Pi4 and allowed to install
  • Made Pi4 restore from snapshot made in step 1.
  • Unplugged Pi3
  • Changed internal ip address of Pi4 to the same of the Pi3

Everything works properly except I am unable to access home assistant from the DuckDNS I had set up previously with the Pi3. I am unable to access home assistant outside of my home and the mobile app is also not able to connect. What did I miss that needs adjusted to account for upgrade to allow that?

Try generating a new duckdns access token.

Thanks for the suggestion! I just generated a new token through duckdns and copied that into the configuration for the addon, then restarted home assistant after saving. I am still unable to access it through the duckdns link.

For anyone who has similar issues, I discovered the cause.

Within my router I had set up some port management rules to forward 443 > 8123 TCP for duckdns to get to my pi home assistant. Obviously a new device is going to have a new mac address, so even though the rule was still in place, it was the wrong mac address for the new pi. After I deleted the old port forwarding and recreated, everything is working properly.

Thank you @tom_l for chiming in for a suggestion.