[SOLVED] Pilight switches group toggle 'stopped working'


I updated my pilight software to version 8 this week (by accident). It ‘broke’ my livingroom light toggle.

I’ve configured three switches on the pilight (2 clarus switched, 1 klikaanklikuit).
From the Lovelace ui I can switch all three on and off without errors. I’ve setup a card on which all three are available with the console and the group toggle on.
When I press the individual switches it works, but when using the group toggle the clarus switches will not toggle and the klikaanklikuit does toggle.
This also goes for the automation I set up to turn on/off the switches.
I’ve already checked the logging, but I can’t seem to find any errors there.

Where do I continue to figure out what is going wrong? Did I miss a remark about needing to reconfigure something?

I hope anybody can help me out here.

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PS. I’m running HA 0.91.3 (latest on 20190411) and pilight 8.1.4

After a weekend of trial and error I found out that pilight 8.1.4 isn’t handling multiple commands for the same protocol at the same time very well.
I solved it by creating a command line containing both commands separate by a semi-colon and a sleep 1 before the second command. This way I can use a ‘combined’ switch within the automation and groups and separate switches in the UI and one using the group.
Hope this helps somebody in the future.

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There is also a send_delay configuration available for the pilight switch component. This could probably help you.

Take a look at the docs: https://www.home-assistant.io/components/pilight/

Hi donkristo,

Thanks is missed that one indeed. Since I was searching from a different angle. My current solution provides a little bit more stability. Somehow my pilight service ‘crashes’ every now and then and I need to restart home assistant to get the switches working again. With the command line solution it keeps working.
I will look into the delay option just to be able to remove some ‘unnecessary’ coding.

Thanks again.

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